We live in a region recognized world-wide for its natural beauty, heritage wonders, top ranked education and cultural assets, and most important, for the remarkable people who live here. It is because of these remarkable people caring and working together that life in this region is world-class and keeps getting better. Here at the Amherst Generations Foundation (Foundation), we support organizations and people working to make life better for those over 55, and for all of us.

The Foundation is proud of its grant application process which is innovative, streamlined, and easy to navigate. A component of successful Foundation grant applications should be helping those over 55 to live better lives, while also making this region a better place to live for everyone. The Foundation will favor grant applications that promise plausible, efficient, and measurable benefits to our target populations.

Grants range from $1,000 to $20,000 and the Foundation is quite flexible in the grants it will consider. For example, the Foundation will consider applications for direct service delivery initiatives, events, stop-gap emergency funding, and innovative solutions worthy of publication in traditional media and/or in scientific or trade journals.

While there are many types of proposals the Foundation will consider funding, the Foundation does not award grants: 1) for individuals, scholarships or fellowships; 2) for endowments of any kind; or 3) for housing or residential care communities. Only in extraordinary situations will the Foundation consider such awards.

We want to make it easy for people with brilliant ideas to ask for our help. If you have a unique and wonderful grant proposal that will make life better for 55+ and the community as a whole, but you are unsure if it is within the Foundation’s scope, you may contact Foundation executive director Dal Giuliani directly or you may phone the Amherst Senior Center and ask to be connected to him.