How to Donate and Make a Difference

Volunteer to Help
The AGF is a volunteer-based organization, and we are always looking for volunteers to help with setting up special events, mailings, and serving on planning committees. Click here to let us know if you’d like to volunteer.

Sponsors & Partners Needed
We always welcome community partners to help us fulfill our mission.  Your business will receive excellent publicity for your generosity and will be connecting with thousands of older adults in our community. Click here to discuss sponsorship & partnership opportunities.

Make A Donation
Help us to help make our community stronger by making a donation to the Foundation.

Write a Check

You can simply write a check made out to Amherst Senior Citizens Foundation and mail to our address:

370 John James Audubon Pkwy
Amherst, NY, 14228


Please consider supporting the mission of the Amherst Generations Foundation to assist partner organizations that provide essential services supporting health, independence, and dignity of the Amherst aging community by leaving us a bequest in your will or by naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of an insurance policy or of your IRA, 401(k), or other retirement plan asset. Please note that charitable gifts should be made using the full legal name of the Foundation, Amherst Senior Citizens Foundation, Incorporated.


A bequest provides you with an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy while still having the ability to use the assets you will leave to the Foundation during your lifetime. Bequests, or designation of the Amherst Senior Citizens Foundation, Incorporated, as the beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan, generally are recovable gifts which can be modified at any time. Because the Foundation is a 501(c)(3), there also may be tax benefits for your heirs if you have a taxable estate. Please consult with your attorney or financial professional regarding potential tax benefits.


Designated Beneficiary. Making a charitable gift to the Foundation by naming it as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or of your retirement plan account is easy and should not require assistance from an attorney. Simply request a change of beneficiary form from the insurance company or plan administrator, name the Amherst Senior Citizens Foundation, Incorporated, and return the completed form to the company or plan administrator. Please notify us if you have designated the Foundation as a beneficiary.

Clauses in a Will or Trust

To make a charitable gift to the Foundation in your will or trust, you should consult your attorney to ensure the changes are made properly. There are several ways that such a gift can be made:

Specific Bequest: A specific bequest involves making a gift of a specific asset or property, such as real estate, stocks or bonds, a vehicle, a valuable collection, or a specific dollar amount. For example, you may wish to leave the Amherst Senior Citizens Foundation, Incorporated, the specific bequest of your home or $10,000.

Percentage Bequest: This type of specific bequest leaves a specified percentage of your overall estate as a charitable donation to the Foundation, for example, you may wish to leave 10% of your estate to the Amherst Senior Citizens Foundation, Incorporated.

Residual Bequest: The “residual” is what is left in your estate after all specific bequests have been made. You may wish to leave all or a percentage, such as 50%, of the residue of your estate to the Amherst Senior Citizens Foundation, Incorporated.

Contingent Bequests: If you leave specific property, like real estate, to a relative but they are not alive at the time of your death, a contingent bequest to the Foundation would mean the real estate instead becomes a charitable gift to the Foundation.


So that you can be properly recognized and thanked, please let us know if you have included the Foundation in your estate planning! We can also help by supplying suggested language for bequests, if your attorney does not have language that they like to use for that purpose.


If naming the Foundation as a beneficiary or making a bequest, it is important to use the proper and complete name for the Foundation. The following information may be needed:

Full Entity Name: Amherst Senior Citizens Foundation, Incorporated

Entity Type: NY Not-For-Profit Corporation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity

Tax ID Number: 16-1414931

Address:370 John James Audubon Pkwy, Amherst, NY 14228