The Amherst Generations Foundation (AGF) was established in 1992 and is committed to raising and distributing funds to support services and activities that promote the welfare and vitality of senior citizens in the town of Amherst. AGF is a 501(c)(3) corporation, according to provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, and contributions are tax deductible.

Originally organized and staffed entirely by volunteers, the growth of AGF in recent years has required the creation of the position of Executive Director to ensure efficient operations, fund raising activities, and public relations campaign execution. The Executive Director works closely with an active and involved Board of Directors to successfully carry-out the mission of the Foundation.

AGF has grown significantly since its inception, when its principal activities were limited to selling items to fund projects, sponsoring an annual awards luncheon and, appearing at community events to promote visibility. Among the Foundation’s early allocations were contributions to Amherst Adult Day Services to support clients and families who could not afford the costs, funding to install automatic doors in the former Senior Center on Union Road, and funds for the purchase of a van to transport seniors to the Center.

The Foundation Board was very supportive of efforts to build a new Senior Center on Audubon Parkway for residents of the Amherst community. AGF funded a feasibility study to determine how much money a Capital Campaign would raise and launched the effort, which ultimately raised almost $400,000.

Plaques are proudly displayed outside most rooms at the Amherst Senior Center, indicating major contributions of various donors over the years. In addition, the Wall of Friends inside the front entrance of the Senior Center includes the names of all major donors at gifting levels of $1,000 or more.

The AGF also opened and operates the Gift Shop and Café in the Senior Center, proceeds of which go to the Foundation. Spring and Fall fund-raising activities are held each year, and sponsors are solicited to help defray costs and raise money.

The results of these activities have enabled AGF to contribute to a wide variety of causes, benefiting older adults within the Amherst community.

The AGF has made contributions to the following Amherst-based organizations:


  • Adult Day Care for the construction of showers, a washer and a dryer and funding for individuals unable to afford the services offered.
  • Meals on Wheels for purchase of insulated bags and hot boxes, computers and office furniture and subsidies for clients unable to afford meal deliveries.
  • Senior Transportation Services for vans to transport seniors for food shopping, medical appointments and to the Senior Center.
  • The Senior Center for lounge furniture, computers, printers, work stations for the computer lab, kitchen equipment, new sound system, patio awning and artwork for the walls of the Center.
  • The Amherst Symphony to provide transportation for seniors to concerts.
  • Senior Outreach Services to provide temporary housing and clothing for seniors displaced by unusual circumstances.
  • Hearts and Hands, was granted funding to establish headquarters in Amherst to serve older adults in all of Western New York.
  • AGF has a proud history and is excited about the future as it continues to expand fund raising and the ability to aid seniors in the Town of Amherst.